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Parenting Skills for the Digital Age

This is your opportunity to learn what the Internet has to offer your family and what you, as a parent, can do to help your children tap into the information on the Internet safely and for all it's worth.

Most parents did not grow up on the Internet, yet every day more and more children are online. Even parents who use computers at work may not be familiar enough with Internet technology to oversee their children's online experiences.

That's why it's so important to Get CyberSavvy! You will know how to teach your children to use the Internet in ways that protect their privacy and well-being.

Get CyberSavvy! includes the facts you need:

If you have used a computer before, you know how to move back and forth between different areas. If this is all news to you, relax! It's easy. First, click on any icon or underlined topic that interests you. The computer will take you to that section. When you are finished reading it, click on another icon or underlined topic. Before you know it, you'll be clicking along in cyberspace.

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