Everyone is talking about the Internet, but manyconsumers, including many older adults, have yet to go online. Sooner, ratherthan later, we'll all be citizens of cyberspace. It's just a matter of feelingcomfortable with it.

Millions of older consumers log on every day, many for the first time. If youhave not used a computer or gone online before, there are a few simple tools toget comfortable with – the keyboard and the mouse, for example. But thereis nothing you can't manage with a little help, a little trial and error, anda willingness to try something new.

Once you have a basic familiarity with a computer, the next step is going online."Going online" means that you are linked to the Internet, and this gets easierto do every day because of improved technology. If you want to go online, youcan do it with a few simple computer skills, and without spending a lot of money.

This simple How-To guide for going online will help make the venture into cyberspacea little less mysterious, even for those who have never used a computer. And,as fun as cyberspace can be, cyber travelers need to know how to protect theirprivacy and safely explore cyberspace – also covered in this How-To guide.
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